About Us

The principals of Incentive Capital formed the company in order to combine their diverse talents developed from executing business transactions, capital funding & selling and merging businesses.  The group realized that each brought a unique and needed skill set to the table that is unmatched.  This is the impetus for Incentive Capital Fund  (Incentive Capital) and the current partnership.  Since then, the team has worked on a wide variety of deals to help their organizations grow and obtain capital.

Incentive Capital’s primary investment strategy is to combine investor capital with federal, state and local tax and economic development incentives to maximize each investor’s return on investment and increase the overall impact of an investment on local communities throughout the country. By focusing on incentive-based financing, Incentive Capital delivers social and economic impact consistent with the sound policy goals of incentive programs, all while maximizing the economic return to our investors.

Who We Are

The Incentive Capital team has developed a breadth of experience developed from participating in all facets of business transactions and capital funding.  This experience comes from sitting on all sides of the table; advising and consulting on transactions (legally and strategically), and from our own involvement in buying, selling and acquiring capital for ventures in various markets and industries.

Our team is deep with experts in traditional and non-traditional capital source funding, mergers and acquisitions, including all corporate legal considerations (M&A, tax credits and corporate tax implications, etc.), as well as advising on operational and financial strategy.  Our team’s creative philosophy and nature leaves no stone unturned, finding the best and most effective source of capital available that fits the needs of your business.  All combined, Incentive Capital will advise and support your business strategy at a local or national level.


Capital Funding Experts

The team consists of industry experts with over 60 years of combined experience.  We did not gain that experience only by consulting and working and learning lessons from others.  We’ve been in the trenches doing our own deals, sitting on all sides of the table. We know all the challenges, risks, and pitfalls and how to negotiate, mitigate risk and protect our clients.  Our experience encompasses and is focused on:

Focused Topics:

  • Capital funding (traditional and non-traditional)
  • Private equity
  • New Market Tax Credits (federal and state)
  • Historic Tax Credits –
  • Opportunity Funds
  • Legal, tax and business strategy
    • For-profit and non-profit operating businesses
  • Commercial land development
  • Total amount of business transactions total nearly $1 billion
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