Mergers and Acquisition

Our team of legal and business experts will help guide you through the M&A process and negotiate the best outcome.  We will help ensure you are protected during and after the transaction.  Incentive Capital will explore post-transaction financial investment options to minimize capital gains tax consequences and maximize your return, all while protecting our clients.


Capital Funding

Our goal is to match the needs of the business to the best available source of funding & strategy.  We do this by taking a holistic approach – Looking at all options (public and private financing programs) for our clients:

  • Traditional Venture/ Equity Capital Fund Raising
  • Forms of Tax Credits (state and federal investment programs designed to spur economic growth)
  • Other forms of financing
  • Financial Review & Business Strategy

NEW MARKET TAX CREDITS (NMTC) consulting for businesses

For some, NMTC is a great option to insert capital into a business.  But it comes without its own set of pitfalls and challenges, end to end.  Our team is keenly aware of these challenges, having closed hundreds of millions of dollars in deals.  Incentive Capital understands and shepherds our clients through this complicated process, taking a leadership role from start to finish to ensure a timely and successful close.  Some of the steps we take and roles we fill include:

  • Determine eligibility
  • Allocation sourcing
  • The project: legal counsel selection, structuring, underwriting, and closing
  • Overall project management
  • Ongoing compliance & reporting
  • 7-year exit strategy – unwinding the structure
  • Follow-up
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New Market Tax Credits (NMTC) Community Development Entities (CDE)

Because of our background and network in the industry and with operating businesses, Incentive Capital has been successful at matchmaking and helping CDEs deploy their allocation.  We also can help with the legal formation of CDEs and obtaining legal certification and eligibility of receiving NMTC allocation.  Just tell us the desired nature, scope, location and size of deal you are looking for and we’re likely to have a good fit with some upfront due diligence to streamline the process.  Our CDE support is summarized as follows:

  • Deploying allocation for CDEs
  • Project Due Diligence Support and Advisement
  • Project Management for the Project
  • CDE formation and certification
  • And more

Our Approach

Incentive Capital understands that one size does not fit all and takes a consultative approach.  We offer personalized service and bring the energy to each client as if the business was our own….because we know and have been there and know the difference.  Make no mistake, there are always challenges in any transaction.  But, it is how we partner with our clients and our approach to overcoming those challenges that make a difference in the final outcome and making any project a success.  We do what it takes!

To set expectations, we bring a standard methodology to our clients and further adapt to fit the needs of the individualized business.  Our methodology typically consists of the following steps:

  • Initial free consultation – Do we fit together?
  • Engagement letter and development of goals/objectives and scope
  • Business and situational assessment
  • Research all alternative solutions
  • Present findings and recommendations
  • Pursue best option
  • Navigate through the transactional process and negotiate best outcome
  • Close the deal/project and advise on next step implications (i.e. tax, compliances, etc.)
  • Follow-up
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